Monday, March 7, 2016


The Must Have Amp Settings got its start way back on a site called The Rock House Method.  It began as anything does, out of a need for amp settings.  We would have dozens upon dozens of new members arriving daily at the Rock House Method, and most of those new members had just bought or been given their first guitar.  Many had one question they kept asking again and again, does anyone on the site have any amp settings I can use?  And the answer was always - go online and do a search, you will come across a few here and there.
One day, Rock House member Michael Carr decided to do a post and list a few suggested amp setting, soon  other Rock House Method members also began adding amp settings.  Over time other posts were created with even more amp settings and I saw a need to organize all of the amp settings under one post, which I called Must Have Amp Settings.  I also put out a call for anyone who had or knew of any amp settings to get them together and add them to the Must Have Amp Settings list, which rapidly grew almost over night.
Over the years Must Have Amp Settings has been copied and imitated  by many, but the members of the Rock House Method know where it all began because many at the site were a part  of this very popular thread.
I have read many comments online from more experienced guitar and bass players commenting how a list of amp settings was a waste of time, and that new guitar players should have to learn this stuff on their own.  My answer to that is if there was no need for an amp setting list - who do so many people seek such a list out?
Clearly some more experienced guitar players have forgotten what it was like to get that first guitar and amp and not know what any of the knobs on the amp did.  And I have always stated over the years that Must Have Amp settings is intended for the beginner player, and if your an experienced player, move along, there is nothing for you to see here.
Of course we all know you can't have a one size fits all list of amp settings, too many things factor into it, the amp your using, rather its solid state or tubes, the guitar your using, your strings and your pickups, so much of your tone is going to depend on all that and more.  What Must Have Amp settings does do well is give the beginner guitar and bass player a starting point to get their feet wet.  We have always said that for each amp setting, you will have to tweak the settings some and dial in the tone you want.  Over time, if a new guitar or bass player is serious about their playing, they will quickly move away from a amp setting list and begin doing exactly what the more experience players do, they will learn to dial in their own tone without the aid of an amp settings list.
I would like to thank all of the members at the Rock House Method who helped make Must Have Amp Settings possible because it would never of become the sucess it has become over the years without their help and input.

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